Paranormal Illusions and Seances

What is a "Paranormal Illusionist"? A performer mixing elements of stage mentalism, magic, theatre and lashings of the occult, psychic and paranormal.  Inspired by Victorian Spiritualism and the world of the occult.

What type of events will this work at? Some might think this only works at Hallowe'en.  But that's not the case - Ash performs throughout the year and has performed at community groups, anniversary parties, universities, cabaret nights ... basically anywhere you might want entertainment and magic it can fit!

How scary will it be? How easy to scare are you?  Are Ouija Boards terrifying?  Invisible spirit hands scratching at you?  Ash likes to make his audience feel unsettled as well as entertained.  Unnerved as well as amused. 

Is it for adults only? Although a lot of the performances Ash gives are aimed at an older crowd, he has performed spooky magic for children as well including at a special event for Edinburgh's "Lauriston castle".  So don't let the theme stop you reaching out.

Is it real?  Are you really conjuring up spirits? Ash is an entertainer, a magician, a mentalist.  What he does is theatre.  He makes no claims to actually be able to talk to the dead and what he does is for entertainment purposes only.  But if something comes through he can't be held accountable!


What is mentalism? The skill of using your 5 senses to create the illusion of a 6th.  Sometimes referred to as "Psychic entertainment" and "Psychological illusions".  At it's core?  Mind reading.

Why Hire a Mentalist? Because you want an event that will stay in your clients, friends or students minds long after the end of the day.  Because you want to impress and astound, and in years to come have people still talking about YOUR event.

Will it be embarrassing? Many people confuse mentalism with hypnotism, and though there's some overlap, they are different disciplines.  I won't make anyone quack like a duck or humiliate anyone on stage.  This is fun, but no one is forced to join me on stage if they'd rather not.

Is it only for Adults? People of any age can enjoy mentalism.  Although I generally perform for adult crowds, mainly due to the venues I work in, if your event has a number of kids present they won't be bored or, as some people seem to think, confused!


Are there any restrictions to bringing a show to your event?  We would need to ensure that the show can fit in your space.  Although very flexible ( over a decade at the Edinburgh fringe will do that!) there are certain issues around sight lines and space needed to bring people up.  Please get in touch to discuss options.

How far is Ash able to travel? At present all shows are able to be brought to any part of the UK and Ireland.  Further afield, all of Ash's solo shows are available for booking.

How much does a show cost? If you;re coming to a public show, their ticket prices are available on the "What's On" page.  If you want a private booking the prices set will be determined on several factors including distance, date and notice period.  Get in touch for a full quote.

Can Ash give a discount on bookings? Ash already offers shows at very reasonable prices, so as a general rule there are no discounts.

Can Ash do expenses only show? Ash is able to do expenses only shows as long as certain criteria are met- the primary factor would be that the gig is within same-day-return traveling distance of his base in Edinburgh. 

Can Ash create a bespoke show?  Yes! Get in touch to discuss options!

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